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The Truth Writer has been on a journey to explore all avenues of life and to seek out true knowledge and wisdom from the universe. I would be vastly mistaken if I were to think that the human race is the only intelligent life form in the entire universe. I use the word intelligent very loosely only because of the egotistical posture mankind projects.

Lipstick Pepper Spray

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Lipstick Pepper Spray is a very effective, non-deadly self defense weapon with fashion and purpose. The Lipstick Pepper Spray is a practical and delicate way to carry the defense you want into any atmosphere in which you may well find by yourself.
Blog post about photographs from Mars that show the planet as a work of art and strange landscapes with geological features stunning for the eye to behold.
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Today, my wife Becky and I celebrate 19 years of marriage together. Knock-on-wood, we have avoided becoming one of the negative statistics and have managed to find true joy, trust, and peace in our union!What makes a successful marriageWith that said, I get asked all the time what makes a successful marriage, or in other words, how do you guys do it?
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